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HTG Premier IT Services servicing the Coachella Valley since 01. We can help you with your Windows PC or Mac OS as well as hardware or software issues.

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Whether you are a business or an individual looking to fix your Windows or Mac computer software or hardware, we are here to help.
We provide you with an affordable backup solution for your home or business needs.
We setup wireless and hard wired networks at your home or office.
We have a flat fee for Virus Removal, we can also provide an antivirus solution to keep your computer or mobile device virus-free.

Why Choose Us

We normally fix computer within 2 days when parts are available, we understand the importance of having a healthy pc is a must and that's why we make it a priority.
We guarantee our labor for 90 days when there is hardware involved or 30 days for any software issues
Whether is hardware or software related, we provide the labor and the client pays for parts or programs to fix the issue and you get the warranty for said parts or software.
We check for hard drive integrity as well as virus related issues and/or RAM needs, sometimes replacing/cloning a hard drive or adding more memory to the system can save you a lot of money
We use the best antivirus software to clean your computer and provide you with options to stay virus free.

What Clients Say

What clients say


Computer repair
$150 one-fee payment
PC Diagnostics
Hard drive cloning
Virus removal
Memory Upgrade
Computer setup, wireless network and printer setup
RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)
$20mo recurring fee payment
Windows updates
Application updates
Managed antivirus
Cloud backups
Cloud based Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Network setup
$150 one-fee payment
Modem/Router setup
Wireless printer setup
Mobile devices setup
Smart TV setup
NAS setup
Virus removal
$150 one-fee payment
PC Diagnostics
Spyware/adware removal
Data Backup and Recovery
Clean Windows Installation (Where apply)
Managed antivirus or Yearly paid antivirus

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